Music. Voice. Spirit.

Hi there! I’m Jason Noxon and I wear a lot of hats. Some have feathers on them or are abnormally large (for comic effect)! I’m kidding…or am I?

In all seriousness I am a musician (I play bass in Mournin’ Dove ( on the web and @mournindoveband on the Twitter), producer, songwriter and composer. As well, I am a Voice Actor with credits such as L.L. Bean, Bassett Health Care and have produced several audiobooks for other Voice Actors.

In other news, I am a ghost having a human experience. I am a student of spirituality, energy and really think that love could be the cure all our woes. But sometimes it’s SO hard, especially when someone waits until the last minute to merge! Argh!

Please contact me here or follow me on the Twitter!